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Re: Boring for gas under slab tool, are you allowed to run gas under a slab? hopefully it''s an outdoor patio slab and not the living space my 50'' section of hydro bore will easily drill a nice hole in 2.5'' sections. problem with pvc is the hole will not stay straight as the plastic will veer.

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Introduction Service pipes such as sewer and water are often required for pluing fixtures that are not loed directly adjacent to the external walls. These pipes must be run through or under the slab. Stormwater pipes may also need to pass through the slab.

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Our utility and pipe protection slabs are made from precast concrete and heavily reinforced with steel. They can be used to protect a range of vulnerable utilities such as water pipes, high pressure gas mains and power cables from damage from above-ground traffic.

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Apr 08, 2015· Installing a 10 mil polyethylene barrier below a concrete slab floor to prevent moisture wicking and create a radon gas barrier… How to Install a Radon Barrier - Slab Floors WATCH MORE VIDEOS FOR SLAB ON GRADE FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION Polyethylene barriers below slab floors serve two purposes - to prevent moistur

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Pluing problems can be difficult to solve when your pluing runs beneath your home’s concrete slab foundation. Cutting through concrete, as you may imagine, adds significant time and cost to a job. There are simpler ways of repairing slab foundation pluing problems besides blasting through the concrete base of your home.

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2015-05-29· Laying a gas pipe under cement/concrete. Discussion in ''Engineers'' Talk'' started by richard1991, Apr 17, 2015. richard1991 New Meer. I''m wanting a gas pipe to go under the concrete floor in my home. I''m wanting to prepare the situation so that when a registered gas fitter lays the pipe, he/she can do so, without channeling out.

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Tunnel Under Sidewalks and Driveways Remodeling text: Tim Carter We drilled a six-inch diameter hole through the concrete foundation of the house so a 4-inch PVC pipe could be inserted and tilted at a slight upward angle for drainage purposes. I have a plastic gas pipe (poly) which I want to put under my driveway. Do you think the pipe

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2008-08-22· I have a contractor who insists he wants to bury PVC directly in a slab. I know this is wrong the concrete makes both PVC pipe and cement at fittings brittle, and they fail with the slightest expansion or contraction. I have looked everywhere on the web for a reference to

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Aug 02, 2016· Gas company put a nipple with a stop-cock on the outside of the house for me. I want to put a gas line from that nipple, under the concrete patio slab, and to the existing pit. Between the pit and the house (about 12 feet total) is 5 feet of concrete slab, and then 7 feet of basketweave brick.

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I call out Gas lines being buried under an exterior slab (without properly vented conduit), but when people ask how serious a problem this is, I have a hard time coming up with an answer. I know there could be a leak under the slab, but there is only around two pounds of pressure in the gas line, it seems unlikely gas would force it''s way out if it was surrounded by compacted soil or in concrete.

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2014-09-19· Building codes generally prohibit running gas line under a slab on grade. It would have to go through a wall. If the stove is on an outside wall you can run the line along the foundation and enter the wall directly to the appliance, or enter from the meter/regulator into a …

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2013-03-13· PE gas line under concrete slab They are going to pour it all with concrete so I have to be under slab. I have never installed gas piping undef slab but was checking my book and the only code I can find in my book seems to be regarding slabs within a building.

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Natural gas pipe under concrete; Author: lbeacham (NC) Recently, a fireman visiting our church commented that running a natural gas pipeline (to a hot water heater) under a concrete sidewalk was either not a good idea or contrary to code, I don''t know which, this being a third-hand account.

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6/12/2018· will have to cut and chisel your way through the concrete to repair the pipes. SF Gate Home Guides by Demand Media The most common type of pipe used for water lines under a slab …


Gas piping can be run in the ground under a concrete slab in sleeving as long as there is not . a roof over the concrete slab. G2415.7 . 3.) Metallic pipe or tubing exposed to corrosive action, such as soil condition or moisture,

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Sep 03, 2019· I''m having a gas pipe extended to the other side of my kitchen for a cooker so need to cut a channel in my concrete floor.The Gas man is coming Thursday to do the work but i cant remeer how deep he said the cut the channel .He''s away on holiday so cant ask him.The old Steel pipe is only just below the surface.I''ve made it 2" so far

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2016-09-20· Concrete slab Chipboard over insulation Pipe laid in insulation layer Precast beam & block Chipboard over insulation Pipe laid in insulation layer Base concrete Gas pipe in chase in plastered wall Maximum chase depth: T÷3 vertical pipes T÷6 horizontal pipes T Domestic Gas Pipework Part 2 - Installation and Testing Vapour barrier

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Install the appropriate pipe fitting to allow for the pipe to turn up and stub out of your slab. The fitting will depend upon the kind of pipe you are installing. PVC pipes require pre-cast PVC angle fittings; PVC adhesive and metal pipes require pre-cast metal fittings and must be bolted in place.

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LP-Gas piping for buildings under construction or renovations that are not to become part of the permanent building piping system-that is, Gas pipe, tubing, and fittings gas piping in solid floors such as concrete shall be laid in …

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The pipes that are installed under a concrete slab are one of the most critical parts of your home project, and you must check every pipe! Even though the installer believes he did it all correctly, check it anyway! Everyone can make mistakes, and mistakes in the loions of these pipes under a concrete slab can be disastrous.

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Natural gas pipe under concrete; Author: lbeacham (NC) Recently, a fireman visiting our church commented that running a natural gas pipeline (to a hot water heater) under a concrete sidewalk was either not a good idea or contrary to code, I don''t know which, this being a third-hand account.

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Jun 08, 2015· One method we use to get under driveways and sidewalks. You can use a modified version with steel pipe. Since we are a licensed c

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Jul 07, 2009· Hey all, I have an existing 2" black iron pipe natural gas line (that has been sleeved) between my curb stop and my house (gas meter inside). I''d like to build a garge over this gas line. Near the house, the pipe is only 12" - 18" below grade.

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2010-02-10· I would run the gas through the wall. Also be sure when the pluer installs the pipes that he pressure tests them before the concrete covers them. Also be sure the toilet flange pipe and everything else is in the proper place because once the slab is poured it''s too late.

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Is it ok to put pipes under concrete In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving It is normal in as much as its been common practice for years to put central heating pipes under concrete floors but its a very very bad idea from a maintenance perspective.

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Apr 05, 2017· Run the gas pipe in the french drain that runs around the house, perhaps in perforated duct, and then up through the building close to the boiler (again, as above, space is limited). But, aesthetically much better than option 1. Run the gas pipe in a duct under the floor, perhaps using TracPipe or similar.

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